lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

Final Project




I love Spain

Barcelona - spain

The Weather:

The weather in Barcelona is pleasant most of the year. However, you have the best weather from May to late July. September is also a good month.

August can be hot during the day (sometimes reaches 34 ° C, 95F), so if you likesaunas, then this is the season for you!
The weather in October and November is still pleasant, but it is becoming a little cooler (21 ° C down to 15 ° C, 69 to 59F). You will not see a bright sun every day,so be prepared for days when you expect some rain.       


You must use:


Usted no debe usar:

· Chaquetas 
· Bufandas 
· ​​Zapatos cerrados 
· Medias 
· Guantes



Angeny: Hello friend!
Yenny: Hello! how are you?
Angeny: Very good and you?
Yenny: Good!
Angeny: Go to the movies today?
Yenny: I can not, I have to study
Angeny: We are going through Harry Potter
Yenny: Good! we ..
Angeny: We are at 6 Cinex

domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Final Project

My Ideal Vacation!



I would like to go to Argentina because I love the weather so cold, its customs, its landscapes and its football. I would go with my boyfriend to enjoy those beautifullandscapes and to know with the which to me is a beautiful country.

Price tag

Is a good video
Enjoy it

ce tag 

Seems like everybody's got a price, I wonder how they sleep at night. When the tale comes first, And the truth comes second, Just stop, for a minute and Smile.

I liked that part, because it shows the world that for many the most important thing is money and material things, because it says that for many people the last thing  the truth and the interest for the material comes first.